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Give us a Radio Wave!

Give us a Radio Wave!

04 Feb 2016

GB talks live to BBC Lancashire

The Gibbon Bridge Hotel’s Katherine Swarbrick took to the airwaves this morning to tell BBC Radio Lancashire listeners about our popular events for lone travelling guests.

Katherine chatted live on the Brett Davison show about the way in which today’s travellers and diners can often feel isolated - or even be penalised financially - for travelling alone.

Brett was impressed to hear how hotel proprietor Janet Simpson – a single woman who often travels solo – recognised some years ago the need for tailoring lunches, dinners and hotel packages to guests who are not accompanied by partners or friends.

And also, about the success of the monthly WWSC Lunches (Widow and Widowers Silver Club) held throughout the year at the Gibbon Bridge Hotel in Chipping, Lancashire.

Katherine told Brett: “Our hotel is owned by a single lady, Janet Simpson, who travels – both in the UK and abroad – on her own.

“Although this is by choice Janet was conscious of how for some people this could leave them feeling vulnerable.

“Janet identified six years ago that many of the guests who have been visiting the hotel for years and years were sadly losing their partners when one passed away.

“That left many guests feeling bereft and without the confidence to travel alone.

“So aimed at that group of people Janet introduced the WWSC Lunches where guests in a similar situation could meet other people and forge lasting friendships.”

The next WWSC Lunch takes place on Monday February 8th, followed by 14th March and 18th of April.

If you know someone who would like to come along, please pre-book lunch (morning coffee and three courses with wine) on 01995 61456.

Added Katherine: “The WWSC Club members also get together for general events such as wine tasting nights or afternoon tea dances so they can join in and not feel excluded.”

Presenter Brett praised the Gibbon Bridge initiative adding: “Well done to Janet – a great idea borne out of personal experience.”

After the interview, Gibbon Bridge guest and widower Heather Hodkinson called the show to share her personal experience of staying solo at the Gibbon Bridge and joining the WWS Club.

You can hear both interviews by clicking on: and skipping to 1hr 55 seconds.

For more information about our WWSC events, please click here.


Thank you so much for helping us to create the perfect wedding day - the gardens were beautiful, the food was fantastic and the service was exceptional!  We couldn't have asked for a better team to help our day go off without a hitch.

"Wonderful Wedding Day"

We just wanted to say a big thank you to you and everyone else at Gibbon Bridge for making our wedding day so wonderful.  You were so helpful – from the start to the finish.  And we were really impressed with your professionalism, attention to detail and commitment.  Working with you all was a true pleasure.  We could not have picked a better place to do our wedding than you for everything.

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