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It Could Be You! Lucky Dates to tie the knot in 2016

It Could Be You! Lucky Dates to tie the knot in 2016

11 Jan 2016

It Could Be You! Lucky Dates to tie the knot in 2016

Fresh from the success of our wedding fair earlier this month - wedding dates are booking up fast.

The number of couples choosing to start their romantic journey at the Gibbon Bridge Hotel has quadrupled since the same period of last year.

So what are the most desirable dates to get wed in 2016? . . .

* LEAP IN LOVE - 29/02/16

2016 marks the first leap year since 2012, and the 29th February is considered to be one of the luckiest days; with anything starting then sure to be a success.

* DEVILISHLY GOOD - 06/06/16
The 666 date may be superstitious in some eyes, but according to the Chinese calendar it makes for a ‘symmetrical’ wedding date. Other auspicious dates in June are said to be 2, 7,8,9,15,16, 18, 21, 24,28,30.

* HEAVENLY HARMONY - 16/04/16 - 16/07/16
If you're into symmetry, you'll appreciate getting married on the 16th day of April or July, which happen to be on a Saturday.

* BANK ON SUCCESS - 30/04/16 or 28/05/16
Getting married on the Saturday of either May bank holiday weekend means guests (and the bride and groom) won't have to take any days off to properly celebrate.
The date will be a little more expensive than a normal Saturday . . . unless you book at the Gibbon Bridge where our prices stay steady, fair and constant throughout the year.

Check out our wedding packages for 2016 and 2017 online where you can download our brochure. Click here for full details:

"Sincere & Massive Thanks"

Please accept our sincere and massive thanks for all you did to make our wedding day so special.  Your hotel really is the perfect venue and we wouldn't have changed a thing; we and our guests enjoyed it thoroughly from start to finish.  Many thanks again.

"Our wedding was perfect"

Our wedding was perfect... The hotel and grounds were wonderful and the food just right.  All our guests enjoyed their day and each one passed compliments on every aspect.  Thank you so much for arranging such a fantastic day.

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