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09 Mar 2016

British Pie Week: March 7th – 13th

It’s not often we encourage our bakery girls to get pie-eyed at work . . . but this week it’s a must!

To celebrate British Pie Week 2016, our ‘dough-eyed’ duo Grace Holland and Janet Bamber have filled dozens of home-baked casings with succulent prime pork and juicy apples – grown in our own orchard.

The perfect porky pies were created last year as part of our popular, ‘lighter’ lunch menu of sharing platters.

Served with tangy home-made chilli piccalilli, the pies are paired with honey roast ham, smoked chicken, roasted sirloin of beef, home-baked bread with butter and a side salad. (Sizes – small or large).

Over the years Gibbon Bridge has designed some devastatingly delicious pastries both sweet and savoury.

Our rabbit pie – which hops on and off the menu – is an old Simpson family recipe and reintroduced to diners every few years.

Here in the Forest of Bowland, the shooting season provides the perfect excuse to fly with our gorgeous Game Pie . . . always a hot shot with guests.

And the spring and summer months bring a rumble in the crumble; with the bakery’s scrumptious rhubarb, apple and strawberry-based beauties on offer.

Our fruit pies are always served with creamy custard, homemade ice-cream or Leagram’s Tasty Lancashire Cheese.

As our leading lady Janet Simpson says: “Apple Pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze.”

Finally there’s our famous Fish Pie - which begs the question – ‘When is a pie NOT a pie?’

Fish, Cottage or Shepherds’ – the real thing – or Great Pie-tenders?

What about casseroles with a pastry lid?  Legitimate pie or big foodie lie?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a pie as a “baked dish of fruit, or meat or vegetables, typically with a top base of pastry”.

We’ll let YOU pie-cide . . .

"Exceptionally Enjoyable"

The effort, care and love that has been lavished on Gibbon Bridge by you and your staff is plain for all to see, experience and enjoy.  However, what we particularly wanted to record is the exceptional quality of your staff.  Your team is, without doubt, the very best I have had the pleasure to meet and to be looked after by.  I have been a corporate member of the Hotel Catering & Institutional Management Association since 1973.  Over the years I have visited and worked with numberous hotels all over the UK.  The team at Gibbon Bridge are the best of all those that I have experienced.  First and foremost, being friendly, caring and professional and, by being well trained and, importantly, well led.  You are to be heartily congratulated.


Thank you so much for helping us to create the perfect wedding day - the gardens were beautiful, the food was fantastic and the service was exceptional!  We couldn't have asked for a better team to help our day go off without a hitch.

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