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Why do people come back to Gibbon Bridge??

31 Oct 2020

We are fortunate to have a number of guests who return week after week, year after year and Jan & Tony, who now know Janet well, have put down on paper some of their reasons for continuing to return to GB!

I suppose why we keep going back to the Gibbon Bridge Hotel, is because there's nowhere else quite like it.  Like a lot of good things that happen, we discovered the place by chance.  I'd been invited to speak at a charity function for Save the Children, which just so happened to be at Gibbon Bridge.  I've got to be honest, at the time, despite being brought up across the Pennines in West Yorkshire, I had no idea where the Ribble Valley was.  But once you see it, you don't forget it and Gibbon Bridge is situated smack int he middle of this amazing countryside.  We easily forget how much astounding countryside we have in this country and unlike other countries we have pretty easy access to a variety of places.  When I was a kid we always went to Blackpool for our week's holiday and through some inbuilt nostalgia that's in most of us, I regularly have a desire to visit the seaside resort.  Now I can do just that and then escape back to the peace and tranquility of Gibbon Bridge.  I'm not sure how far it is, but if you check it out on a map, you'll see it's easily doable.  But the countryside and its accessibility are not the only reasons we keep going back there.  There are plenty of other things, such as - the rooms are fab, a great size and beautifully maintained; the food... terrific, all sourced locally; and the staff to a man/woman make you feel more than welcome.

Then of course there's the Bentley Queen, dog lover and hotel proprietor - Janet Simpson.  When I think of Janet a couple of words never come to mind - inconspicuous and uninviting.  Her amazing personality and presence really does shine throughout every aspect of the hotel.  I hope she doesn't take offence if I call her a "unique character".  A unique character for a unique hotel.  Can't wait to get back there.


Tony & Jan McHale

"Our wedding was perfect"

Our wedding was perfect... The hotel and grounds were wonderful and the food just right.  All our guests enjoyed their day and each one passed compliments on every aspect.  Thank you so much for arranging such a fantastic day.

"Wonderful hotel"

Wonderful hotel in a very pretty and quite part of the countryside. Lovely, ever so helpful staff. Hotel has great food, views, rooms and garden. I will be back!

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